[pmwiki-users] preformatted text block *with* formatting? (bug in [@..@] ?)

Jo Rhett jrhett at svcolo.com
Wed May 24 12:29:33 CDT 2006

Okay, so reading the BasicEditing documentation it's pretty easy to assume
that because these two are in the same box, their effect is the same, but
one is for lines, and one is for blocks

Monospaced text       @@Monospaced text@@ 

This is a             [@This is a
  preformatted            preformatted
    text block              text block@]

However, the following two statements render differently.

@@The following word should be in ''italics''@@ (and is)

[@The following word should be in ''italics''@] (is not...)

It would appear that [@...@] also assumes [=...=].  This isn't documented

It also presents problems for creating documentation, where variables and
such are italicized.  I need to do large blocks of text like so

$ run this command
''see this italicized output''
$ run this command
see this 'italicized word'' in a larger output
see this clickable http://link/to/somewhere in the output
$ run this command with an ''italicized word'' in the middle
see this normal output

I really need the ability to get a monospaced font over a large block of
text *but with normal pmwiki formatting*.   How can I do this?

Honestly, I think that making [@ be different from @@ is a bug.  If you
want monospaced font *and* no formatting, you can do this

[@ [= ... =] @]

It's also A LOT more flexible than the current situation.

Jo Rhett
senior geek
SVcolo : Silicon Valley Colocation

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