[pmwiki-users] ISO week number in PmCalendar

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Wed May 24 10:58:40 CDT 2006

Ben Wilson wrote:
> Along those lines (or, as we're talking PmWiki Features):
> With week numbers, it may be possible to chart out weeks in advance as
> opposed to months. For example, I tend to care about what is happening
> in the next six weeks. I would love to have the ability to list by
> weeks.

Support for handling weeks can sort of be done now especially
with the text display, displaying events only for a certain
number of days out from the current day.  It's not week centric..
but rather simply a delta number of days.

See the options expire and stopafter... look at the Cjc calendar
sample to see an implementation (though there is a bug when traveling
to different months.. I will fix that.. I think).

Right now, PmCalendar does not try to think in terms of weeks.
Well.. obviously it does have some knowledge since a month
consists of weeks... but it tries to handle the "hard" case
of making the month calendar look good rather than merely
looking at weeks as a whole.

I will certainly look into week handling in the next
version... but not for 1.0.  I fear it's too radical
of a change for 1.0.

> Ben
> On 5/24/06, Peter Gerell <boost at gerell.se> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In Sweden it is common to refer to dates using week numbers.
>> E.g. I will be on vacation from week 28 to week 32 this summer.
>> All printed calendars have this information.
>> I would like the month views in PmCalendar to have an extra column with the
>> week number.
>> Unfortunatelly I do not know enough php to accomplish this myself.
>> Has anyone implemented support for week numbers in PmCalendar?
>> If not, I would like to add a request for this feature.
>> /Peter
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