[pmwiki-users] Border aroung attached pic

Daniel Hofer daho at borntofly.ch
Wed May 24 08:31:56 CDT 2006


I have not only a normal pic like
but a pic with thumbnail
[[Attach:pic1.gif | Attach:pic1small.gif]]

I like to have a border around the thumbnail.

I tried:
%border='2px solid black'%[[Attach:pic1.gif | Attach:pic1small.gif]]
working, but no correct;-)

Then I tried
[[Attach:pic1.gif | Attach:%border='2px solid black'%pic1small.gif]]
[[Attach:pic1.gif | Attach:%border='2px solid black'% pic1small.gif]]

That doesn't work. Can I do it like this, or what's wrong?

thanks a lot!


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