[pmwiki-users] Uploads Config on Farms -- UploadDir??

Curtis, Clayton Clayton.Curtis at va.gov
Wed May 24 06:18:01 CDT 2006

Sivakatirswami wrote:
> suppose in  our server administration wiki  I have
> /admin/
> 	index.html
> 	local/
> 	uploads/
> 		Migration/
> 		Security/
> 	wiki.d/
> Now... someone comes in and he wants to make a new group called "CGI  
> Libraries"
> And, then he wants to upload a diagram... but PMWiki errors out  
> saying he needs  a writable directory  /CGILibraries/  before he can  
> accept an upload. So then he emails me... I log in via FTP or  
> terminal, mkdir... ....etc..

Pm wrote:
> Make sure the uploads/ directory is writable, and it should work
> automatically.  However, if your system's PHP is configured to run
> in "safe_mode", then there's no way to automatically create the
> per-group subdirectories and they must be created manually by the
> administrator.  

Are there other settings that are important? I'm having the same problem
and have verified that uploads is 777 and php isn't running in safe_mode
according to phpinfo.  (Platform is Fedora Core 5 and Apache 2.2)

Clayton Curtis

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