[pmwiki-users] fmt=#headerinclude (was Further PmWiki Development)

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Tue May 23 18:19:31 CDT 2006

--- christian.ridderstrom at gmail.com wrote:

> * PmWiki/PagelistExamples	- the page I suggested

If you still want this after what I mentioned below,
maybe it should be PageListSamples for consitency?

> * PmWiki/PagelistVariables	- describes variables
> related to pagelist

 These are for admins to customize.

> * Cookbook/PagelistExplained	- more details. Why in
> Cookbook/ ?

Because it was not originally good enough for the Main
docs?  I think that this should really be merged into
PmWiki/PageLists.  I think there is some duplication
there.  If absolutely needed, split out the examples
into (sorry, yet another page)

> * Cookbook/PageList		- No idea... remove?

Hmm, a list of all the CookBook Recipes.

> * Cookbook/PageListTemplates	- old recipe.
> depreceated. remove?

As the author I would be happy to see it go, I was
leaving it around to resolve for older users of the
recipe.  By now I doubt there are any.  Maybe a
redirect would be good (to PmWiki/PageLists

> * Cookbook/CompactPageList	- probably an obsolete
> recipe. remove?
> This is quite a mess in my opinion... If it is
> possible, I'd suggest we 
> remove the recipe pages we can. Perhaps move the
> pages into a separate 
> group called CookbookOld/ or something.

In general it is hard to remove someone else's recipe.

Maybe we could have a policy that if it has been
marked deprecated by anyone for 6 months (a year
maybe) that it gets removed (or put into Deprecated/).

> My idea for PmWiki/PagelistExamples was that it
> would be a place to 
> illustrate the result of the pagelist formats
> defined that are defined by 
> *default* at Site.PageListTemplates. In other words,
> document how the 
> formats that come with PmWiki work. One reason why I
> don't want to have 
> this information on a cookbook page is that I'd like
> to be able to easily 
> see how all the formats are affected when I modify
> the format definitions.

It should be just a easy to modify an examples page
and test it, just use the fmt=MyTemplatePage#custom

I don't think that modifying the actual
Site.PageListTemplates for testing purposes is a good
idea, it could mess up the entire site to current

> As sidenote: I think we should have a bit more
> consistent naming of these 
> pages (PageList vs Pagelist). I'd prefer just
> 'Pagelist', since there is 
> no capital 'L' in (:pagelist:).

Yes, it would be nice to be consistent... many cooks,
noone brave enough to fix it (if you do, I suggest
using many redirects).  Although I personally prefer
the use of CamelCase here. :)


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