[pmwiki-users] Scroll Bar disappears in Edit mode

Steve Rowe think1blue at yahoo.com
Tue May 23 15:28:40 CDT 2006

When I'm editing a page, there is a scroll bar for the
edit portion (not talking about the page scroll bar)
and it works fine.  Except when I type the first
character in the edit window, the scroll bar vanishes
and the edit window goes to the right margin.  This
isn't a showstopper because you can still cursor
down/up, but my new users have complained.  Is there
something wrong with my install?

I'm using the Triad skin and PmWiki 2.1.6 and these
are my settings in skin.php:


(By the way, commenting out popup2edit had the reverse
effect I expected.  I have the documentation notes on
the bottom with it commented out and lose them when it
is included.)

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