[pmwiki-users] Proposal: Recipe Structure Change

Curtis, Clayton Clayton.Curtis at va.gov
Tue May 23 07:07:08 CDT 2006

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> I think it's very worthwhile to standardize on a "-Comments" or
> "-Discuss" page for recipe feedback and ratings, but I'm not a fan 
> of splitting recipes much beyond that.

Jo wrote:
> Even that might be a not-so-good idea. The comments page often
> a wealth of valuable tips and alternate approaches that the original 
> author didn't think about. Splitting it off into a separate page 
> increases the probability that visitors will overlook it - it's just 
> that additional click away.
> Scrolling down is so much easier (and you can easier refer back to the

> actual recipe).

As a newcomer still with little "institutional memory", I agree with the
last. I =do= think that some structure / formatting guidelines and
adherence to same really increase the value of the pages, with fewer
distractions in the body of the recipe and (perhaps) less chance that
the author will miss a comment / suggestion buried in the body text.

Clayton Curtis

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