[pmwiki-users] Link URLs + top links question

David Goadby dg at pixel-plus.co.uk
Mon May 22 10:39:03 CDT 2006


I have just upgraded to the latest version from V1 so a few things are
broken in my wiki. This one has stumped me:

I tried to create an external link using [[http://<valid domain> | This is
it]] and I initially get a link to approve the URL which I do. The URL is in
the site.ApprovedURLs list so I know it happend. But, the actual link takes
the value $Url which obviously fails. Any idea what I did wrong? The only
non-standard thing about my url is I append port address, :1080 to the
domain name.

I am locking down a set of pages for a limited access group. I have removed
the footer links but now wish to change/remove the "View Edit History Print"
links from the top of the pages. Where are these generated?


David Goadby

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