[pmwiki-users] Change request: Page save format

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Sun May 21 13:57:06 CDT 2006

EuGeNe schrieb:
> I don't think a format change is justified when a few line of code can 
> do the job when required.
> 1) Open all files and save the text= content in a editable files after 
> replacing all %0a with \n or \r\b depending on your editing platform.

Ah, that part of the format changed. Last time I looked, the end-of-line 
marker would be a configurable attribute. Thanks for pointing me in that 

Hmm... now this puts the replacement operation within the reach of a 
simple script that mass-converts the texts.

I'm still not convinced that changing the format is a bad idea (modulo 
the amount of work involved - I agree that this might be the ultimate 
argument against such a change).
E.g. I have two people who would need a facility for a mass export and 
mass re-import. Both are Windows users, and have zero experience with 
writing scripts. I could write such a script for them, but they don't 
have shell access, so I'd have to make it accessible via a web 
interface, and now it begins to look like serious work. Multiply that 
with hundreds of PmWiki installations that have similar requirements, 
and you arrive at the perspective that made me ask for this change in 
the first place.


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