[pmwiki-users] CountGlyphs recipe doesn't work

Pico pmwiki at ben-amotz.com
Sun May 21 08:39:50 CDT 2006

Ben Wilson wrote:
> On 5/20/06, Pico <pmwiki at ben-amotz.com> wrote:
>> Significant for understanding how CountGlyphs, and (:markup:) work, but
>> probably not significant for authors, who can just avoid using
>> CountGlyph within (:markup:).  The Cookbook page, in particular, should
>> provide its counts outside of the (:markup:).
> Hmm, I respectfully submit to you that to change the behavior as
> suggested would go against the intent of Markup, which is to
> (topically) show the effect of certain markup. Perhaps the appropriate
> middle ground would be to warn those viewing the recipe that the
> implicit error (i.e. undercounting) is an effect of the way the
> example is presented to to the reader and not an actual defect in the
> CountGlyph recipe.
> I am glad that my explanation helped to unmuddy the waters--assuming
> my grasp of the waters provided the correct filter.
Huh?  You really lost me now.  I don't think you understood what I was 
suggesting and I'm not sure I agree with your respectful submissions 
about the intent of (:markup:), as applied.  (Too much law school, huh?) ;-)

My point was simply that it might be better if the Cookbook page did not 
invoke the (:markup:) directive to illustrate the CountGylphs recipe. 
The (:markup:) directive will not always be the appropriate tool to use 
for illustrating how markup works.  For example, you wouldn't use 
(:markup:) to illustrate how a (:redirect:) works (because it won't do 
anything, and even if it did, the result would be confusing).

In this case, while the (:markup:) directive appears to work, the 
resulting numbers introduce an element of confusion and, as a result, 
you end up in the position of having to explain something about the 
(:markup:) directive in order to illustrate the CountGlyphs recipe.

If that behavior of the (:markup:) directive is accepted as a given, 
then why bother using the (:markup:) directive for this particular job: 
illustrating the CountGlyphs recipe.


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