[pmwiki-users] Attach:Group/picture.png

Stephan Schildberg schildberg at scoid.de
Sat May 20 17:54:03 CDT 2006

> You appear to have $EnableDirectDownload =0; and for some reason the
> image cannot be displayed "through PmWiki".
> http://www.ecologee.net/pmwiki.php/Main/WikiSandbox?action=download&upname=qdiglogo.png 
> http://www.ecologee.net/uploads/Main/qdiglogo.png
> Maybe try setting $EnableDirectDownload =1; to see if that helps.
> FWIW the same image works fine with $EnableDirectDownload = 0; on my 
> test wiki.

Hello Hagen,

yes this was it.
$EnableDirectDownload =1

I do not know, why I switched this a long time ago.

Thank you very much for your help.

best regards, Stephan.

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