[pmwiki-users] Further PmWiki Development

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Sat May 20 14:52:19 CDT 2006

Ben Wilson wrote:

> You do not know the _power_ of the Directive Side of the PmWiki.[1]

Right, I don't know the power of PM mostly because I so far have 
found a good intro.

> it is not the search that is almost useless, it is the default
> output.

100% correct

> Google should be able to remedy this without headache.

PMwiki.org does not include Google as the search. I do search 
from Google, but I only get 1 or 2 pages from the Google search. 
If it was within PMwiki.org, then I could better decided and 
explore for what I want to know.

> Here's what you want: (:searchresults fmt=#headerinclude:), and add
> the following to your Site.PageListTemplates:
> ----
> !!!fmt=#headerinclude
> [@
> [[#headerinclude]]
> !!! {=$Titlespaced}
> (:include {=$FullName} para=1:)
> * Read More about [[{=$FullName}|{=$Titlespaced}]]
> ----
> (:if equal {>$Group}:)
> (:if:)
> [[#headerincludeend]]
> @]

Now, that's great, I'll see how to integrate into my site.


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