[pmwiki-users] Further PmWiki Development

H. Fox haganfox at users.sourceforge.net
Fri May 19 21:16:02 CDT 2006

On 5/19/06, charles at bruen.org <charles at bruen.org> wrote:
> I know the mailing list is very active, and that PM is still working hard
> on the code,

If you look at past release patterns you will notice that PmWiki
development tends to happen in "bursts".  There have been similar
lulls in the past.

>From my point of view it's a plus that the software is capable of
staying in a steady state for a while.  After all, it's a "stable
release", you know.  :-)

Do you think there's a missing core feature your client will need to
wait for?  One of the reasons the project can afford an extended
pause[1] is because it (the core) is feature-complete and relatively
free of bugs.

Is your client worried that Pm will not continue developing PmWiki?
He has written messages to the list addressing that concern (I
searched briefly but didn't find it), and I'm convinced that he's
fully committed to the project and has no intention of abandoning it
or the PmWiki community.

When Pm is active in the project he is hyper-active, so it only seems
fair to allow him to take some cooling off time every once in a while
and let the rest of us (try to) catch up.  There's plenty in the 2.1
release to keep you busy exploring the possibilities of the software.

> but is their a link somewhere in the documentation that shows
> a development plan to allay their fears.

One of the nice things about open source software is that you can have
some influence over the development plan.  Do you notice some
capability missing?  Create an entry in the PmWiki Issue Tracking
System as a feature request.  The PITS, as non-client-friendly as it
may be, is probably the closest thing to a road map the documentation
has to offer.


[1] Doesn't it seem ironic that seven weeks and two days can be
considered an "extended pause"?  :-)

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