[pmwiki-users] Mail Posts -- Self subscribe to "Watch Lists"

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Thu May 18 16:25:48 CDT 2006

Overall goal: 	
	-- Some of my users want a per page or per group mail post option:

User requirement:
	-- They only want to get mail posts when a given page or given group  
is updated. "Wikipedia can do it...we want that behavior..."

Admin mandate:
	 -- Users should be able to subscribe and unsubscriber to such mail  
post options on their own and not sent a request to be added to admin.

so, I guess it is not available yet. Consider this another vote. I do  
not know PHP, so i am at the "mercy" of other PMwiki developers with  
a begging bowl.   I have some who simply refuse to use the wiki  
because this feature is not available -- they cannot afford to be  
checking the wiki constantly for updates.

In the meantime, I guess the burden will lie with admin ("me')  to  
make entries... or, if this does not seem forthcoming --  we will  
build an external CGI in Revolution that can offer the subscribe,  
unsubscribe option via some other web UI  and the CGI edits the  
PMwiki config files on the back end.

oops... I see these requests have already been made here:


and here


I added my comments there.


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