[pmwiki-users] introducing myself

Hans Huijgen lighans at gmail.com
Thu May 18 03:12:23 CDT 2006

Hello pmwiki-users,

For about a week I'm lurking with this rather active mailinglist. But
I try to work with pmwiki for about a year.
I'm from the Netherlands, working on a secondary school and really
like recumbent bikes. The pmwiki's I use, have something to do with
these two things. Some students have made their report of a big
practical subject with pmwiki (eg hmwiki.fali.nl). Some teachers are
working at their yearprogram via a read-protected wiki
(lvdavinci.fali.nl for example).

Pmwiki is IMHO easy to install and maintain, but you need to be alert
and active. Sometimes the coding in config.sys feels like a relief and
"knowing what I am doing" but there are also moments that I want a
login thing where I can alter the settings of config.sys and other
things via a GUI, like CMSes have. But the speed and light weight and
robustness are more important than my lazyness.....

My next step is installing authuser and something like CMSlike for a
ecological foodshop and to replace my own site (which has DragonflyCMS
installed at the moment).



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