[pmwiki-users] Again: Parameterizing Content

Felix E. Klee felix.klee at inka.de
Wed May 17 15:47:12 CDT 2006

I've requested a similar feature before.  However, this time I've
refined my request a bit.  What it's about (roughly):

  I want to be able to call a wiki page as in the following example:


  Before the page SomePage is displayed, the function specified by the
  value of the parameter "f" should be called.  It processes the
  parameters "inp_*" (that are passed perhaps in an associative array).
  The results of the processing are made available as the values of the
  parameters "out_*".  They can be used as page variables.  These
  variables may contain not only short strings but also, for example,
  entire tables.

You, see: it's all about parameterizing wiki pages, making them
"dynamic".  Another solution that I envision:

  The user calls a URL similar to the following one:


  Note that, in comparison to my first example, the parameter "f" is now
  missing.  So, a special function is not used anymore.  Instead, the
  variables "inp_x" and "inp_y" are directly made available as page
  variables.  They can then be used for constructing URLs of external
  (CGI generated) pages or images which can somehow be included into the
  Wiki page.

There certainly are more solutions to the problem I outlined, and some
of them may be much better than what I proposed.  I'd be happy to hear
about them.  But don't expect me to get tangled up in a long discussion:

At the moment, I just want to know whether parameterized/dynamic Wiki
pages *could* be realized with PMWiki, perhaps with the help of some

Felix E. Klee

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