[pmwiki-users] How to add an user-defined authentication function

Guillermo Calderon - INCO calderon at fing.edu.uy
Tue May 16 15:08:52 CDT 2006

I have muy own authentication function.
This function takes authid and authpw as arguments and it returns a boolean.

I have included this code in my config.php

 >$AuthUserFunctions['other'] = 'OtherAuthUserFunction';
 >$AuthUser['other'] = 'foo'; # is it needed?			

 >function OtherAuthUser($pagename, $id, $pw, $pwlist) {
 >  return  my_auth_function($id,$pw));

It seems to work, but I do not known if it is the correct way to do that.
Thanks for any comment or suggestion

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