[pmwiki-users] How much trouble are underscores in page names?

Felix E. Klee felix.klee at inka.de
Tue May 16 03:43:28 CDT 2006

If I add the following array to config.php, then I do indeed get
underscores in page names.

  $MakePageNamePatterns = array(
      "/'/" => '',                          # strip single-quotes
      "/[^-[:alnum:]\\x80-\\xfe]+/" => ' ', # convert non-alnums to spaces      
      "/(^\\w)/e" => "strtoupper('$1')",    # initial caps   
      "/\\s+/" => '_'             


* Many of the links included in the default wiki stop working.  How much
  of a pain would it be to fix that?

* What negative side effects should I expect from using the above

Finally, I wonder whether I should just stick to the default CamelCase
instead.  After all, it's a minor issue: To get well readable page
titles, one can simply use the directive "(:title text:)", though most
users probably won't.

Felix E. Klee

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