[pmwiki-users] History/trace of the pages already seen

Jean-Philippe Georget jpgnews2006 at jpgeorget.net
Mon May 15 10:46:29 CDT 2006

Perhaps my first message was not clear enough so I precise the idea

Jean-Philippe Georget <jpgnews2006 at jpgeorget.net> wrote:

> Is it possible to add the following feature in PMWiki ?
> I want to see the name of the 10 (for example) previous pages that
> I've just seen before.

In each page, I would have something like (with a limit of 6 titles of
pages for example)

Trace : PmWiki > Cookbook/Cookbook > PmWiki/DocumentationIndex > PmWiki/BasicEditing > PmWiki/WikiWikiWeb

if I went to the following pages


By this way, I can go back very easily to a page seen before. 

And if I click for example on the link "Cookbook/Cookbook" of the
'Trace:', the bar then display

Trace : PmWiki > PmWiki/DocumentationIndex > PmWiki/BasicEditing > PmWiki/WikiWikiWeb  > Cookbook/Cookbook
               ^^                                                                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

because it's not necessary to have all the history of my navigation
but only the last titles of the pages I have already seen.

> See http://wiki.splitbrain.org/wiki:dokuwiki : when you browse this
> wiki site and look at in the up-left corner you should the "Trace"
> that permits you to go directly on the previous pages that you have
> already seen. I think it's a very interesting feature and as far as I
> know this feature is not proposed in the recipes of the cookbook.
> Thanks for you help


Jean-Philippe Georget - jpgnews2006 at jpgeorget.net

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