[pmwiki-users] using h1 tag as your title

BrianB brianrgr at hotmail.com
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The edit title recipe does not seem to be working for me. I placed the 
edittitle.php in the /cookbook , then added 
include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/edittitle.php"); to my config.

Afterwards I put (:input e_title:) in my EditForm, by calling up 

When editing a page, there is no sign of any input related to edittitle.php. 
This puzzles me because no recipe has failed me yet....

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What I've taken to do is use the Edit Title recipe from the
cookbook.[1] I also disable H1 tags in the body. My logic is that the
page should have only one H1, its title. After all, H1 is supposed to
denote chapter, and H2 section (H3 sub-section, etc.).

I know. I lead a sad life.

Ben Wilson

[1]: http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/EditTitle

On 5/13/06, BrianB <brianrgr at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Is it possible to set up pmwiki to use the first H1 tag in a page as your
> pages title?  Currently it uses the default title and the name of the page
> only.
> Brian
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