[pmwiki-users] Fwd: New wiki not sending users to HomePage

Tegan Dowling tmdowling at gmail.com
Sat May 13 12:09:06 CDT 2006

The resounding silence suggests that maybe my ultimate question got
lost amid the excessive contextual, background information that I
provided in my first post.  So I'm rephrasing, in hopes I can get at
least a hint.

If the reason for the problem I'm having with my wiki isn't obvious to
anyone, then maybe someone can tell me, so that I can muck around

Where-all are the bits of code that should cause http://domainname.com
to automatically redirect to http://domainname.com/Main/HomePage (yes,
I have clean URLs working)?  And where is it set that should redirect
http://domainname/Groupname to http://domainname/Groupname/HomePage.

And the brief version of my reason for asking:
Given the security scheme I've set up, users can go to
http://domainname.com/Main/HomePage without being asked for a
password, but they can't get there via http://domainname.com without
being asked for a password.  Likewise, users *with* a group-specific
password can go to http://domainname.com/Groupname/HomePage, but they
can't get there via http://domainname.com/Groupname (even when they
respond with the group-specific password to the password-prompt that
comes up).

Any help?

Thanks!  Sorry for my verbosity.  It's hard to pare out the non-essential.


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Date: May 13, 2006 9:12 AM
Subject: New wiki not sending users to HomePage
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There's a weirdness on a new wiki I've set up - ver 2.1.5, custom skin
- GladProfusion.com

I have the whole site read-protected in config.php, and then I've set
the read-attr=nopass in both Main/GroupAttributes and
Site/GroupAttributes.  I want users to only know of the existence of
the groups/pages to which they have read password(s). So I have a
login link on the Main/HomePage; once logged in, the user sees a link
to the group to which that password applies.

Now going to http://gladprofusion.com/Main/HomePage works without any
problem. And likewise, going to just plain http://gladprofusion.com
**should** bring up http://gladprofusion.com/Main/HomePage without any

*But it doesn't* - it demands a password, instead. Users **cannot go**
to http://gladprofusion.com and automatically be sent to

In addition to the admin password, I did set up a site-wide read/edit
password in config.php, and either one will suffice at this point (if
I've already used one of them, I don't get this request for a password
at all), but 1) I don't want give that out, and 2) anyway, I don't
want users to have to enter a password before they've seen the

Another clue:  I created a test wikigroup, called Test, with
read-password=test and read/edit-password=tester.  Go to
http://gladprofusion.com/Test/HomePage. Key in either password test or
tester.  Try using the breadcrumbs Groupname "Test" as a link to
return to Test/HomePage.  The wiki will require a password.  AND
**neither of the group-specific passwords** will work at this point to
send the user back to Test/HomePage (while the admin password will -
and when I'm logged in with that, then clicking the Groupname
breadcrumb takes me directly to Groupname/Homepage, just fine).

Any thoughts? Could it be that somehow my lockdown has blocked a
script that redirects users to HomePages?
1) Unless you're logged in with the admin or site-wide read password,
you should-be-but-aren't sent to Main/HomePage if you use the domain
name alone
2) Unless you're logged in with the admin password, you
should-be-but-aren't sent to Groupname/HomePage if you use

Or maybe a script is just corrupted?  Where is this behavior controlled?



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