[pmwiki-users] A couple of wiki questions

Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Sat May 13 10:37:55 CDT 2006

[I sent this out earlier, but forgot to post to the group.]

Sorry about the WikiSpam--not that I did it. ;-)

> My first question is: can I password protect the whole wiki for
> edit/update?

In your local/config.php: $DefaultPassword['edit'] = crypt('shhhh');

> My second question is subtle. I want to use wiki pages as a simple CMS
> system as part of a website. Ideally I want to insert the wiki pages in a
> frame but I don't want a visible menu of options for these pages. Possibly a
> small admin option at the bottom would be ok for updates. Can I do this?

We can set you up with an invisibile CMS. I help a law firm using
PmWiki.[1] There are two recipes that guide you how to hide the
CMS.[2] I also have a javascript that allows me to double-click on the
Site.Footer of the law firm's site to enter into a login context. This
is a variant on the EditOnDblClick recipe.[3] I just changed the
action to "login" instead of "edit", and added a little code to the
skin template.[4] It took the "untrained" editors of the law firm
about five minutes to acclimate to that wee change. This will grant
you invisiblity. As far as HTML frames are concerned, I'm allergic to
them--I break out into Tourettes Syndrome when forced to work with
them or use them.

The good thing about the CMS part, you will not need to delve into the
internals, but you will need to upgrade to the 2.1 series for full
effect. The hidden login does take a wee bit of work.

Ben Wilson

[1]: http://www.duncanfirm.com
[2]: Mine is: http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/AuthUserCMSLike, the
other is at least as good.
[3]: http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/EditOnDblClick
[4]: <div id='footer' ondblclick='login();'>
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