[pmwiki-users] ImportText problem

Kevin Wilbourn kwilbourn at strasburger.net
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Another option you may wish to look into is using a stream editor such as SED to format the files.  I used this to add several hundred pages to my wiki.  The changes you would have to make would be:
1. Add "version=pmwiki-2.0.13 ordered=1 urlencoded=1" to the first line of each file.
2. Add "text=(your text starts here)" to the second line
3. Put %0a at the end of each line
4. Remove the Line Feeds/Carriage Returns (whatever your OS uses to end the line).
That should do it.I tried the notetab clip method as well, but changed to the SED method because it was already loaded on our client machines.

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I have been looking for a wiki / cms that will permit me to batch-import
multiple text files to create pages (one per file). So far, pmwiki is the 
only one I have found that has what looks like a manageable way to do this. 
Under ImportText I found a NoteTab clip file and a php script to convert text 
files to pmwiki. I don't have access permitting me to run the php script. 

I tried running the NoteTab clip and got an error message which I
captured - see the attached graphic file. I have never used the NoteTab
clip language, so if anyone can suggest how to fix the problem I'd
appreciate it. The error message is at   http://www.sanfraneditor.com/testing.shtml .
Thanks, Brendan

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