[pmwiki-users] Question about EnableHtml

Heather Logas hlogas at telltalegames.com
Thu May 11 16:30:25 CDT 2006


Ok, my wiki is up and running and looking great.  My next question is about
EnableHtml.  I have it working just fine, but I have a question about this:

I put



In my config file and that is working great.  But I asked my co-worker which
tags he wanted for the wiki and he answered me with a blank stare and a
"what do you mean?  All of them!"  


So I was looking at this:


Say [a-z!]+ to match all HTML tags (including comments). 


But I don't understand how to put this in context in the config file.  Would
it be something like:




If someone would give me the exact line I need, that'd be really great.



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