[pmwiki-users] Frustrated newbie: T_STRING?

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Thu May 11 15:15:31 CDT 2006

Heather Logas schrieb:
> Thank you very much everyone.  I actually wound up getting it to work by
> commenting out these two lines from the config file:
> Markup("'~", "inline", "/'~(.*?)~'/", "<i>$1</i>");         '~italic~'
> Markup("'*", "inline", "/'\\*(.*?)\\*'/", "<b>$1</b>");     '*bold*'
> Which brings me to my next question...what is wrong with those two lines and
> how do I make them work?  Is it the bits at the end (after the semi-colons)?

The '~italic~' and '*bold*' things at the end of the line are obviously 
remarks and not intended to be interpreted as PHP, but they don't have 
the form of a remark, so PHP tries to make sense of them (and fails). 
Either remove them, giving you

   Markup("'~", "inline", "/'~(.*?)~'/", "<i>$1</i>");
   Markup("'*", "inline", "/'\\*(.*?)\\*'/", "<b>$1</b>");

or turn them into proper remark form ("comments") so that PHP will 
ignore them:

   Markup("'~", "inline", "/'~(.*?)~'/", "<i>$1</i>");     # ~italic~
   Markup("'*", "inline", "/'\\*(.*?)\\*'/", "<b>$1</b>"); # *bold*

(The latter could also have been

   Markup("'~", "inline", "/'~(.*?)~'/", "<i>$1</i>");     # '~italic~'
   Markup("'*", "inline", "/'\\*(.*?)\\*'/", "<b>$1</b>"); # '*bold*'

but I think the unquoted form is more appropriate.)


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