[pmwiki-users] Frustrated newbie: T_STRING?

Heather Logas hlogas at telltalegames.com
Thu May 11 12:47:46 CDT 2006

Thank you very much everyone.  I actually wound up getting it to work by
commenting out these two lines from the config file:

Markup("'~", "inline", "/'~(.*?)~'/", "<i>$1</i>");         '~italic~'

Markup("'*", "inline", "/'\\*(.*?)\\*'/", "<b>$1</b>");     '*bold*'

Which brings me to my next question...what is wrong with those two lines and
how do I make them work?  Is it the bits at the end (after the semi-colons)?
It'd be nice to use this functionality...

(I know nothing about PHP obviously)

Thanks all!


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> John Rankin schrieb:
> > Do you by any chance have an extra 'return' character at the end of
> > the config.php file, after the closing ?> tag?
> This doesn't explain the type of error Heather is experiencing.
> (Besides, config.php shouldn't have a closing ?> tag anyway.)
> Heather wrote:
> > But the nutty thing is, I don't HAVE a line 215 in my config file!
> I'm pretty sure you have a line 214. (Possibly an empty one.)
> When looking for the end of the string, PHP continues to scan the file,
> incrementing the "current line number counter" with each end-of-line.
> When it hits the end of the file, that counter is at 215, which is then
> printed.
> (Most compilers for most languages have this bug. I guess most people
> find it too insignificant to bother fixing it.)
> Regards,
> Jo
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