[pmwiki-users] Upgrades for a dumb user

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Thu May 11 10:36:53 CDT 2006

> Are you limited to FTP or do you have shell access?

Yes, limited to ftp, with filezilla.

> What you can do first is build the new pmwiki installation as a
> sub-directory of the current one, or sibling directory. For example:
> http://www.example.it/pmwiki <- this is the original directory:
> http://www.example.it/pmwiki/pmwiki-2.1.5 (or better)
> http://www.example.it/pmwiki-2.1.5
> Then, copy your wiki.d/, cookbook/, and local/ to the pmwiki-2.1.5
> directory. I believe this should show you what you need to do _on that
> server_ to prepare the new installation. When you have it working,
> then re-FTP the pmwiki-2.1.5 over the old code base, and copy the new
> config.php

So, I move the "pmwiki-2.1.5" into my "wiki" folder/directory, and
this is a simple step.
Then I copy:
- wiki.d/ folder which contains the real site content, my own content;
- cookbook/ folder which contains the recipes I installed on my system;
- local/ folder which contains some setting files.

But then I have many more files I have to move; example: in the pub/
folder there are some skins I have to add, but (as an example) I
probably do not want to touch the /guiedit/ content... So I have to
open the /pub/ folder and pick by hand...

Really, I'm confused.
Many many files to move by hand... Carefully.
I'm just afraid that pm did not meant that, and I just undestand wrong.


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