[pmwiki-users] Upgrades for a dumb user

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Thu May 11 10:25:02 CDT 2006

kirpi at kirpi.it schrieb:
> If I take (no text commands available, just graphical interface) the
> "pmwiki-x.y.z" folder and copy it over my existing "wiki" folder, it
> will overwrite eveything.

That's exactly how upgrades should be done.
Note that all your pages in wiki.d/ will survive this, since the 
pmwiki-x.y.z folder doesn't contain files in wiki.d/ .

 > I don't feel at ease.

I can understand that.
Simply copy the contents of the pmwiki folder to someplace safe (another 
directory on the server, or download it). If anything goes wrong, you 
can delete the pmwiki folder and restore it from the backup.

> Perhaps should I open every folder and copy all the single "files",
> and just copy the files, not the folders? And for every folder within
> other folders, open it and copy the files?
> As files are many, and nested folders also, I'm afraid to make a mess.

I'd be afraid of that, too. It's too easy to misplace files that way.


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