[pmwiki-users] few newbie questions

James.Q.L shijialist at yahoo.ca
Wed May 10 16:18:07 CDT 2006

 pmwiki seems pretty simple and easy. so i am giving it a try.  installation is quick, i already have one up running.
 few things i find lacking or maybe i just haven't found out how to enable them.. 
 1. section editing 
 2. automatically heading ( such as <h1> kind of heading gets listed at the top of the page ) or be able to add it by some tag.
 3. the javascript html editing that appears above the editing box. it exists in the pmwiki site , however not after my installation.
 4. we have many users and i would like to delegate the permission to each wikigroup. such as the group admin can define who can read or write the group pages based on group or indivisual.
 1 - 3 are the ones i expect to be enabled by default as they are fundamental and common in nowadays wiki.. however i haven't found them yet. the 4th would be nice to have. 

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