[pmwiki-users] ImportText - converting text files to pmwiki pages.

writeon1 writeon1 at mchsi.com
Wed May 10 08:41:20 CDT 2006

I have been looking for a wiki / cms that will permit me to batch-import
multiple text files to create pages (one per file). So far, pmwiki is the 
only one
I have found that has what looks like a manageable way to do this. Under
ImportText I found a NoteTab clip file and a php script to convert text 
files to

(1) I tried running the NoteTab clip and got an error message which I
captured - see the attached graphic file. I have never used the NoteTab
clip language, so if anyone can suggest how to fix the problem I'd
appreciate it.

(2) When I asked my host to install the php script, I was asked for 
instructions. I have no idea how this is done, except to load it into the
appropriate directory and execute it. Since I don't know php either, I 
to do this myself. Suggestions appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

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