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Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Tue May 9 10:13:06 CDT 2006

Marco Ferretti schrieb:
> I want to create a cookbook to keep track of internal documents.  
> The ideal
> toponomy of internal documents should be of the form yyyy-nnn where  
> yyyy is
> the year in wich the document is issued, and nnn is a counter.  
> Also, in an
> ideal world, nnn should be set by the system. Now, since I've seen  
> a lot of
> code in cookbooks to retrieve the current year and provided that a  
> wiki group
> would be created ( say for example InternalDoc ) , what would be  
> the best
> practice in order to keep track of the next available document  
> number ?
> I was thinking of a group page ( maybe InternalDoc:InternalDoc ? )  
> where to
> initialize a variable ( $LastDocNumber ),

You can probably use a static variable.

You can increment a static variable as a counter, and it will  
remember its value between iterations of the php program.

(Sideline Suggestion: when making a cookbook recipe, try to name  
variables with a prefix for your recipe:  $mine_variable)

(From the PHP manual)
Example 12-6. Example use of static variables

function Test()
    static $a = 0;
    echo $a;
Now, every time the Test() function is called it will print the value  
of $a and increment it.

(end PHP manual quote)

I don't know a lot about it, but from what I do know, these variables  
can be used for web page counters, and that implies they should work  
for your purposes.  After that I imagine you would have to unset()  
the variable to reset it every year, so add in a isNewYear() function  
returns true if there are no files prefixed with the current year,  
and unset the variable in an if(isNewYear()) statement before the  
declaration...or however you decide to handle it.

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