[pmwiki-users] Upgrading & switching sites

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Mon May 8 05:40:38 CDT 2006

Donald Z. Osborn schrieb:
> I need to upgrade to the latest version of PMwiki and transfer contents of
> my wiki to a new site. Any pointers on the best way to do that?

Install the new version on the new site.
Install any recipes that you had installed and want to keep.
Don't forget the skin (pub/skins/whatever-your-skin-is-named, maybe 
other stuff in pub/ that you installed).

Transfer the directories that contain contents. (Mostly wiki.d, maybe 

Are you upgrading from 1.x, or from some 2.x version? 2.x should be 
easy, 1.x would be more work. (Just helped somebody doing that.)

> Alternatively would it be best to transfer the wiki and upgrade on the new
> site, or upgrade on the old site and then transfer.

I think installing and then transferring content is better. You can 
check at each step whether it introduced a problem, and know where it 
came from and can correct.
Transferring everything at once is problematic unless you happen to get 
an error message that immediately points out the problem. (You might 
have Apache configured subtly differently on the new site, resulting in 
500 Internal Server Error results with no clear reasons why...)


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