[pmwiki-users] Announcement: Media Categories v2.0

Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Sun May 7 17:08:20 CDT 2006

Background: MediaCategories is a recipe that seeks to mimic the output
of MediaWiki's category group. This is to help attract that crowd to

Problems with Version 1.0: I was strolling through recipes I
contributed and noticed that MediaCategories had notes underscoring
its serious deficiencies. Noteably, it could not handle spaces and was
otherwise quite unweildy. So, in the spirit of friendly competition .
. .

New Release: I would like to announce the new and improved Media
Categories.[1] For this version, I applied recent lessons I learned
about PmWiki's markup approach. Now, this little bugger will pull all
categories designated by "[[!" off the page, alphabetize them, then
append them to the end of the page. It will even label the group (e.g.
"Category" or "Categories" when there are more than one) and wrap them
in a div tag so they can be styled using CSS.

As an undocumented feature, it can do the same thing with enties
designated by '[[Category:". Do do this, either have one "[[!" in the
page, or uncomment line 55, which will focus on any pages with
"[[Category:" in them as opposed to "[[!".

[1]: http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/MediaCategories

Ben Wilson
" Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur"

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