[pmwiki-users] Access control boot camp (please!)

Jason Roberts jason at jasonroberts.net
Sat May 6 12:16:08 CDT 2006

Okay, so I've got a very nice PMwiki installation up and running.  
Changed the skin, added a calendar function with the Cookbook, and in  
general couldn't be happier.  Problem is, this is supposed to be a  
private "in-house" wiki, one cordoned off from the rest of a public  
website. I have approximately 33 people who will need to access it,  
and no more.

I've had no problems setting my admin password via the config.php  
file--but it's the only one I can get to work!

I turned on authuser functionality. I inserted login accounts into  
the Site/AuthUser page, and they encrypt just like they're supposed  
to. But they don't get recognized when I use them to log in. I also  
tried inserting edit-level accounts into config.php. No go.

Additionally, the access control at the homepage has an easy  
workaround: since the "search" function is enabled on that page,  
anyone could just search for a simple string, then jump into the  
pages that Search pulls up.

I know these are newbie questions, so I appreciate your patience. But  
what I want to do is: Have just one global access control point,  
where my 33 users will need to log in with individual passwords.

This is doable, right? Probably easily. I'm just not getting it, and  
meanwhile my supposed-to-be-private wiki is just hanging out there in  
the clear. Any help would be most appreciated.


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