[pmwiki-users] MarkupToHTML called 3 times?

David Kulp dkulp+pmwiki at cs.umass.edu
Fri May 5 15:52:06 CDT 2006

I inserted $StopWatch because pages are currently rendering in 5-10  
seconds.  I was surprised to see that MarkupToHTML is called 3  
times.  Is this normal behavior?

For example,

Event Time Cumulative
PmWiki 0.00 0.00
MarkupToHTML begin 4.38 4.38
MarkupToHTML end 1.15 5.53
MarkupToHTML begin 0.59 6.13
MarkupToHTML end 0.00 6.13
MarkupToHTML begin 0.58 6.71
MarkupToHTML end 0.02 6.73
now 0.00 6.73

Initialization apparently takes 4 seconds.  And then each Markup  
takes about 1 sec.  That all seems surprisingly slow.

PmWiki v2
Recipes: none except for diag (enabled just for stopwatch).  My  
config.php is very generic.
OS: MacOS 10.4.6, 2.5G RAM

Thanks for any advice.

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