[pmwiki-users] Is version 2.1.beta8 available?

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Thu May 4 21:08:54 CDT 2006

On Thu, May 04, 2006 at 09:20:52PM -0400, Neil Herber wrote:
> At 2006-05-04  08:54 PM -0400, Pico is rumored to have said:
> >The version naming scheme of PmWiki works a little different than what
> >you have in mind.
> Back in February, the thread called "Core Version Numbers" thrashed 
> this topic to death. I am not sure that a consensus was ever reached, 
> but one suggestion was version numbering like so:
> 3.2.0-beta14
> 3.2.0-beta15
> 3.2.0
> 3.2.1
> 3.2.2
> 3.2.3-pre1  <- trial release
> 3.2.3

I think the "consensus" (of one person -- i.e., me) ended up
that we would use this numbering scheme starting with the *next*
set of betas. (I didn't want to switch numbering in the middle of 
the 2.1 beta series.)

Of course, I have no plans at the moment for another beta series
anytime soon.  :-)


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