[pmwiki-users] What happened to my "save and edit" button?

Krista Stellar kstellar at refractions.net
Thu May 4 18:41:03 CDT 2006

I have a couple of wiki's running, and on all the ones that run off  
of my company server, they all include the "save and edit" button on  
the edit form.

Recently I had someone at a company that I now work for set up a  
pmwiki instance (that is how we take over the world, isn't it?) and  
for some reason, the edit form doesn't include the "save and edit"  
button. The version I am running is 2.0.beta54. The version running  
at Refractions is 2.1.beta22. Both sites are using the same skin  
(grease) and have pretty much most of the cookbooks loaded  
(wikipublisher in particular).

When this first happened, we scratched our pmwiki install and tried  
again, still nothing. Since I didn't do anything in particular to get  
it to appear on my sites, apart from a regular pmwiki upgrade, I'm  
not sure what is wrong.

So my question is, how can we debug what the "save and edit" buttons  
are not appearing? The skin we are using doesn't appear to customize  
the edit form at all. I've looked at the Site.EditForm for both sites  
and the look basically the same. Where else should we look? I looked  
at the skin template file but there didn't be anything there that  
controlled the display of these buttons. I've done a "save and edit"  
search on the pmwiki.org site and still no luck.

Sigh. Can anyone help?



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