[pmwiki-users] Best installation choices for PmWiki on Win2000 with IIS5?

Hartl, Bob hartl.r at ghc.org
Wed May 3 14:56:00 CDT 2006


I plan to install PmWiki on a Windows 2000 Server with IIS 5.0.  What
are the best installation choices:
1) PHP 4.x vs. PHP 5.x?
2) Installing PHP using CGI, ISAPI or FastCGI?

The documentation says PHP 4.1 or greater is required.  Have you had
better experience with PHP 4.x or with PHP 5.x?

I understand the general advantages and disadvantages of PHP with CGI
and ISAPI.  PHP/CGI is more stable but slower.  PHP/ISAPI is faster but
more unstable.  What are your experiences using PmWiki with PHP/CGI?
What are you experiences using PmWiki and PHP/ISAPI?

What about using PmWiki with PHP and FastCGI on Windows/IIS5 -- has
anyone tried this?  What's your experience?

R. Hartl

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