[pmwiki-users] action=source question

Stirling Westrup sti at pooq.com
Tue May 2 23:26:35 CDT 2006

Curtis, Clayton wrote:
> I’ve spent a week trying to find out what is happening here without
> success, so I’m hoping the list’s collective wisdom can bail me out!

> I am running PmWiki 2.1.5 with TriadSkin 2.1.  My issue is odd behavior
> of the “Source” button in the footer.  On most machines it works as
> expected, bringing up a new window with the page code.  On others it is
> bringing up a =download= dialog for pmwiki.php, asking if I want to Open
> / Save / (cancel).  All machines are running the same version of
> Internet Explorer (corporate standard).  OS’s are all Windows, various
> versions (Win98 on a few, Win2K on a lot, Win XP on many) with no
> relationship of the browser sub-version or OS version to the behavior.
>  I =know= (or think I do) that this has to be something to do with the
> workstation / browser configuration, but I sure can’t figure out what.
> (And neither can anyone to whom I have access.)  I went to the extent of
> removing the newwin and ak_source check from the footer, and still had
> the same behavior.

> Any ideas or suggestions gratefully accepted.

I had a very similar problem a few weeks ago and it turned out to be a
combination of a temporary misconfiguration and my browser's cache.

When I browsed to my PmWiki site with PHP accidentally turned off, I got
the "Open / Save / Download" dialog, but it turns out that the file was
already downloaded into my browser cache. I turned on PHP, and it seemed
to be working, but from then on, whenever I used that browser to try to
access that one particular page, I got the same Open/Save/Download
dialog, because the browser had that web 'page' in its cache.

I was pulling my hair out for most of a week before I discovered that
just erasing my browser's cache fixed the problem.

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