[pmwiki-users] attachlist bug or feature? (third posting)

Curtis, Clayton Clayton.Curtis at va.gov
Tue May 2 10:11:42 CDT 2006

Clayton Curtis wrote:
>> - The Attachlist [Name] parameter is interpreted as follows: 
>>   a. If represented as <XXXX>, try to find <XXXX>.HomePage   (case-specific), and if that doesn't exist, try <currentgroup>.<XXXX>
>>   b. If represented as <XXXX>.<YYYY> look for <group XXXX>.<page YYYY>
>> - All instances where [Name] is interpreted as a page OR A GROUP fail when [Name] is a wikiword.
Américo Albuquerque wrote:
> I don't think that is a PHP problem but a Markup one. The wikiwords uses 
> 2 markups, markupspaced and markuplinks, and both runs before the 
> attachlist. That means that (:attachlist [WikiWord]:) is transformed 
> into (:attachlist [<a>Wiki Word</a>]:) and then the markup for 
> attachlist deals with that. Try turning wikilinks and wikispaced both 
> off and see if you still get the same results.

Both $SpaceWikiWords and $LinkWikiWords were not explicitly set in config.php, and I thought the default for both was "off". (However, the PmWiki "BasicVariables" page doesn't specify the default...)  I note that attachlist and these two variables are all part of the core.  I would hope that they played nicely together, especially if one doesn't deviate from the default installation (which I don't think I'm doing except for using "per page" attachments, which I also understand to be a core capability).

Clayton Curtis MD PhD 
VHA-IHS Interagency Liaison & Enterprise Architecture 

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