[pmwiki-users] OOOPs!

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Tue May 2 03:08:34 CDT 2006

Richard Brown schrieb:
> Hi Guys
> What has gone wrong with this site please?
> <http://www.lostwithiel.org.uk/wikidir/pmwiki.php/Main/HomePage>
> The error message reads:
> Warning: fopen(): SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid 
> is 10104 is not allowed to access wiki.d/.flock owned by uid 48 in 
> /home/httpd/vhosts/lostwithiel.org.uk/httpdocs/wikidir/pmwiki.php on 
> line 395

The .flock file was created by user #48 (probably www-data or nobody or 
something like that), then something changed, and the scripts are now 
running as user #10104 (that's probably your account there).

This change may have been part of a policy change of your provider (in 
which case he's probably flooded with complaints from those who have a 
file-based forum, CMS, or wiki), or due to changes of your specific 
configuration (I could imagine that your web site was moved to a 
different machine, or that you got shell access, or a gazillion of other 
things that might trigger such a change).

In the case of that .flock file, you can simply delete the file - it's 
just there because one PmWiki access started to do something that other 
accesses shouldn't interfere with (e.g. storing an edited page) - that 
critical access is most likely long finished, so there's no harm in 
deleting .flock.
However, a similar problem could happen with all the files in wiki.d. 
You should fire up your FTP client and check who owns the files there 
(and in the uploads directory, too... and while you're at it, you should 
check any other directories in your web site that might have been 
written by scripts as well). The ownership of all these files should be 
changed to user #10104.
You won't be able to change file ownership unless you have root access 
to the machine, so you'll most likely want to contact the ISP and have 
them fix up things.

> Does this mean a total rebuild because a lot of the information is 
> unique!?

No. Your data is safe. Do *not* delete any files other than .flock.

It's essentially a permission problem that can be fixed given sufficient 
administrative privileges.


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