[pmwiki-users] Button to add text to end of a page

The Editor editor at fast.st
Mon May 1 20:27:13 CDT 2006

Hi again,

Here is another idea I would find extremely useful. (It's the one
thing I miss from the old CMS I was using.) Some way to not only add
text to a page but also to tag it so it can be retrieved later for use
on other pages.

For example, on one page, user enters some information in a field,
click a button, then PmWiki adds that data to a predefined page (say
for example data.username), in the format "field=value". Viewer is
then forwarded to some thank you page. (The data group is basically a
persistent data storage area for each member, where username=authid.
It is not used as viewable pages)

Then on some other page be able to recall that information preferably
as some kind of page variable like {$field}. The uses would be
fantastic.  For example, in a newsletter sign up, page could
automatically retreive the user's email address and insert it.  (Or
perhaps a password reminder capability). You could show certain pages
to individuals based on say their state or country (combined with
conditionals).  Could even use it to setup a shopping cart system,
fairly easily.  I'm wanting to set up a little javascript engine that
stores and processes user entered data for them whenever they wish. 
Anyway, many possibilities.  Cookies are too problematic for most of
my needs.

Any suggestions for how this could be done? The Build Forms recipe
seems to have much of this functionality, but not all.  Could someone
help suggest how to do this?


On 4/30/06, Robby Van Sciver <vansciver at alumni.virginia.edu> wrote:
Is there a way to create a button that when clicked it will add text
to the end of another page?

My site has a list of performances and if a person has a copy of it, I
want them to be able to click a "I have this show" button which will
then insert:
* [[(Performances.)YYYY-MM-DDShowTitle]]
to their user profile.  I thought it would be easier if people can
click a button than finding and manually entering every show he or she

Any ideas?

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