[pmwiki-users] Spam Stuff

Wendell Brown wbrown at arkie.net
Fri Mar 31 14:15:57 CST 2006

Ok folks, I've got a curious observation for you.  While evaluating the 
SORBS dns black list as a potential means of blocking wiki spam (which 
does seem to be blocking quite a bit of crap for me), I ran across an 
odd thing.  It seems that I'm getting regular hits from blocked IP 
addresses with absolutely NO content (the $_POST array is empty).  I'm 
wondering if this is a bug in someones bot net or if this is some kind 
of IP block check.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

FYI, doing a print_r of your $_SERVER and $_POST arrays on blocked 
messages is QUITE enlightening as to what the spam scripts are actually 
sending - trust me, it's doesn't look the same as a "real" post (e-mail 
me off list if you want to see a couple of examples).

Also, for those people using MTBlackList, changing the $BlackLists array 
as follows is catching almost 100% of my wiki spam:

$BlackLists = array(
  'Chongqed' => 'http://blacklist.chongqed.org/',
  'MoinMaster' => 'http://moinmaster.wikiwikiweb.de/BadContent?action=raw'

After doing some more testing, I'll update the cookbook.

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