[pmwiki-users] Calendar / Event list

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Fri Mar 31 11:08:37 CST 2006

Thomas Lederer wrote:
> Hi all,
> thank you very much for all your responses... still it seems to be a bit
> of "overkill" (way to much) ;)

ok??  Maintaining a complicated set of markup (very complicated)
on a single page.... that's easier?

> Maybe i should be a little more detailed.
> I would like a page (one) to store the events. Having one page per event
> seems to be huge unnecessary waste.

Which implies that you are manipulating ALL of the events
quite often??

> My requirements are: 	date	time	description (less than 10 words)
> thats basically one line per event.
> I thought maybe something like this:
> ||[[#t200604]]|| || ||
> ||[[#t20060401]]01.04.2006 ||20.00 || Pizzaeating ||
> ||[[#t20060404]]04.04.2006 ||      || Holiday     ||
> ||[[#t20060411]]11.04.2006 ||20.00 || Party-Time  ||
> ||[[#t20060419]]19.04.2006 ||15.00 || Teatime     ||
> ||[[#t200605]]|| || ||
> My problem is, that i can't seem to get something like:
> Next three events
> (:include Eventpage date>=today lines=3:)
> must not show past events, but can not be started with #t_today because
> that might not exist.
> Events in April
> (:include Eventspage#t200604#t200605 :) works fine i think
> Btw: the anchors have that "t" in it, because it seems that only
> numerical don't work.
> And that is why PmCal and wikicalender seem to be "way to much", because
> i do not neet a nice calender image... and they can't offer the "next
> events" either, can they? (not sure)

Take a look at:

(:pmcal cals=Cjc caltype=text monthsahead=1 expire=-1 zebra=false textcalfmt=%20 textdatefmt='%A, %B %e, %Y':)

It shows events starting with today and out for one month comming out of the Cjc calendar.

textcalfmt gets rid of the identifier showing where the calendar came from (Cjc) and
textdatefmt isn't necessary... just depends on how you like the dates to be formatted.

By default (also configurable), the date links will take you to the page on the calendar
where you could have more detail.

Just an option.

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