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Firefly stealth at fireflyuk.net
Fri Mar 31 05:48:01 CST 2006

I remember reading a while ago, someone asking how to split pages up, like
using a mentioned something about doing a Start at 20 count 10.. 

This is the same sort of issue isn’t it?

What we need is something that will say


Show list from <group>

	Count = 5 
	Starting at <group>.{todays date}
 	Order by?

But there isn’t any starting from today is there? 

And I cant figure out which way it would count 5 from, would it just count
the next five, and would that be determined by the order value?

Is it possible to pull text out of a page..


Text line from <group.page> =
		Todays date
		Todays date +1
		Todays date +2
		Todays date +3
		Todays Date +4

And have a table that has the date of the event, and the text?

|| Event date || event blah blah blah|| 

Then it just finds the correct dates and pulls them out? Could possibly do
it, because the search looks for text doesn’t it?
 But is it possible to do date +1? (1 being a full day.. to today 20060331
would become 20060401 or would it not beable to do that?

Friday, March 31, 2006, 11:40:36 AM, Firefly wrote:

> Can I put after the name=caln.{todaysdate in yyyymm]* or something like

We need to compare page names as date strings with today's date

I tried several methods, and none worked:

1. using (:if date {$Today}..:)

!!!pagelist fmt=#futuredates
(:if date {$Today}..:)*[[{=$FullName}|+]](:if:)

{$Today} is page variable for today's date in form yyyy-mm-dd

2. Using conditional extensions:

!!!pagelist fmt=#futuredates2
(:if le {$Today} {=EventDate}:)*[[{=$FullName}|+]](:if:)

{$EventDate} returns the ISO date string from the page name, which
would be the same as the page name if the name has the format
yyyy-mm-dd or yyymmdd.

but somehow the date conditional and the number comparison conditional
did not work inside pagelist. 

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