[pmwiki-users] Passwords

pmwiki at 911networks.com pmwiki at 911networks.com
Thu Mar 30 13:24:01 CST 2006

I am a newbie to PMWiki. I just installed PMWiki, and I have a 
problem with the passwords:

in local/config.php: I have set:

$ScriptUrl = 'http://localhost/pmwiki.php';
$PubDirUrl = 'http://localhost/pub';

$DefaultPasswords['admin'] = crypt('123456');

as a temporary password on the local network. But when I want to 
create or edit a page, PM prompts and keeps on prompting it does 
  not accept 123456, but no error message.

I searched and also tried with:

which is 123456

All the directories are owned by: nobody:nogroup. I use Apache 
2.2.0, PHP 4.4.1 on Ubuntu 5.10

Any suggestion?

When the network has to work

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