[pmwiki-users] Problem with SearchPatterns

Ian Barton lists at manor-farm.org
Thu Mar 30 03:39:35 CST 2006

I am doing some hacking with blogsimple.php so I can use it with my 
daily journal. I have got things working OK except for excluding pages 
in PageList.

My main page consists of:

(:PageList group=Journal fmt=#include list=journal order=-name count=10 :)

In blogsimple.php I have:

$SearchPatterns['journal'][] = '!\\.(All)?Recent(Changes|Uploads|Pages)$!';
$SearchPatterns['journal'][] = '!\.RecentChanges$!';
$SearchPatterns['journal'][] = '!\.GroupHeader$!';
$SearchPatterns['journal'][] = '!\.GroupFooter$!';
$SearchPatterns['journal'][] = '!\.GroupAttributes$!';
$SearchPatterns['journal'][] = '!\.SideBar$!';
$SearchPatterns['journal'][] = '!\.RightBar$!';
$SearchPatterns['journal'][] = '!\.PageTopMenu$!';
$SearchPatterns['journal'][] = '!\.PageFootMenu$!';
$SearchPatterns['journal'][] = '!\.HomePage$!';
$SearchPatterns['journal'][] = '!\.JournalPages$!';
$SearchPatterns['journal'][] = '!\.JournalArchive$!';
$SearchPatterns['journal'][] = '!\.JournalCategories$!';
$SearchPatterns['journal'][] = '!\.JournalComments$!';
$SearchPatterns['journal'][] = '!\.JournalArchiveTemplate$!';
$SearchPatterns['journal'][] = '!\.JournalCategoriesTemplate$!';
$SearchPatterns['journal'][] = '!\.JournalListTemplate$!';

The problem is that all the items that should be excluded in 
SearchPatterns are appearing in my PageList.

I am sure that I am missing something obvious, but I can't see what!


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