[pmwiki-users] External Authentication

Gary Spivey gspivey at georgefox.edu
Thu Mar 30 03:21:58 CST 2006

I have a PHP authentication system external to PmWiki that sets certain
$_SESSION variables based on user id, name, authentication level, and


I am creating a cookbook module that allows authentication based on
these $_SESSION variables rather than having to re-enter passwords via


So far, I have replaced the PmWikiAuth function with my external
function and can access these $_SESSION variables. I am using the
MonoBook skin and have also been successful in modifying the tabs via
the Site.PageActions page. 


Here is my general question - I want to provide an "attributes page"
that let's me set various attribute options rather than passwords.


For different actions, I would like to have an array input of allowable
users, and a checkbox list of allowable groups that can perform that


1)       Are attributes the appropriate place to do this? Essentially I
want to disable the password attributes and put in my own. Is there some
other construct that would work better?

2)       How do I best change the attribute form? Is the best thing to
do to replace the HandleAttrFmt function with a new one? Is there any
issue with the attribute values being an array instead of a string?





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