[pmwiki-users] page toc enhancement: toc-hide

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Wed Mar 29 20:36:01 CST 2006

On Tuesday, 21 March 2006 9:50 PM, noskule at gmx.net wrote:
>Hi John
>Thats realy great, i have to start a new skin with fixed sidebar :-)
>I checked it out see: 
>there seams a problem that it works, exept of the remote and target page 
>are the same.
>* If you go to DocumentationIndex no toc will show up in the sidebar
>* if you go to any other page the tox will be displayed
>grz nos

Sorry for the delay -- I missed the message.

This behaviour is (at the moment) by design.
The RemoteTableOfContents function contains:

if ($tocname==$pagename) return '';

The reason is that (:toc-page:) originally assumed the
remote page would contain (:toc:) so avoided duplication.
With the introduction of (:toc-hide:) we have a problem.
I think the answer is to provide a way to tell toc-page to
generate a toc even if it's on the same page. Perhaps

(:toc-page PageName self=1:)

I'll see what I can do.
>John Rankin schrieb:
>>The latest version of Cookbook.PageTableOfContents adds a 
>>(:toc-hide:) directive. This allows authors to define a 
>>"remote table of contents" while omitting a toc from the 
>>remote page.

John Rankin

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