[pmwiki-users] convert pagenames when converting from pmwiki 1 or below

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Wed Mar 29 15:52:42 CST 2006

I am upgrading a wiki from version 0.4.14 (!) to 2.1.

Is there a way to tell the convert function that page names 
of the form Page_Name should be saved in the new wiki.d as

Some of the original wiki page names are of the form Page_Name. 
The site dates from when free links were a local customisation 
and we used underscores to replace spaces.

At the moment we are viewing the original site through 2.1, 
but haven't converted any pages.

I have written a local $MakePageNameFunction that finds and 
displays pages of the form Page_Name, but does not create 
new pages with underscores.

It would be very helpful if, when converting or editing 
and saving such pages, the name was changed to follow 
standard pmwiki naming convention. The original page, with 
its underscore, would stay in the original wiki.d and still 
be viewable with the original wiki software. Going forward, 
all pagenames will conform to standard pmwiki practice.

John Rankin

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